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Profile of our company"AKTIVA" L.T.D. Stip, Republic of Macedonia is one of the leading renomated building companies with high reputation and undeniable legitimacy of segment in metal industry, covering services for proecting,supervision and performance of any type of buildings. The company has a respected modern-trained management and staff with the highest degree of competence, professionalism and integrity, quality engineering team and well trained operators with appropriate qualifications in the working stages. The company is well positioned in the heart of the industrial part in Stip and as a private company first began to function in this section of metal industry i.e. the performance of commercial and business facilities. Equipped with purpose-built offices and working plant of the highest labor standards, with full engineering capability, until of the first moment, completely dedicated to the principle of quality products and highest level of respect to partners and customers, something which contributed, despite strong competition, acts to take place as market leader. Justify the high position of constantly and continuously improving and upgrading the quality of production a whole, primarily the supply of hot materials and more consistently through the installation of modern equipment and monitoring of world trends in this area, which the company resulting in huge benefit or disposal of considerable production capacity, a wide range of machine stock, custom auto-cranes and their own fleet.
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"AKTIVA" L.T.D. Stip was founded in 1999. Starting with mini-technologies and several employees ...


Аctivity of "AKTIVA" L.T.D. Stip are based on fundamental values and principles of management ...


The mission of "AKTIVA" L.T.D. Stip includes creating new values through the construction meet the highest requirements ...


"AKTIVA" L.T.D. Stip, as a brand company in construction industry, is dedicated exclusively ...


Employees of the "AKTIVA" L.T.D. Stip are the most valuable and most precious resource that it has ...

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