About us
Mission of our companyThe mission of "AKTIVA" L.T.D. Stip includes creating new values through the construction meet the highest requirements of customers and investors, and that only through quality and timely solution. We believe that quality production is a basic principle which is based on our work. We believe in teamwork and it is easy to work with us. The fundamental values of the company:
  • Quality;
  • Integrity;
  • Team work;
  • Trust;
  • Security and
  • Client satisfaction.
Based on fundamental values, the management of "AKTIVA" L.T.D. Stip, acts on the following principles for the work:
  • The company must certainly continue to be reliable, virtue and responsible member of society;
  • Continuous exposure to development of the company by implementing the latest technologies;
  • We always try to make changes in ourselves, so we would act and would deal with the future as realize further progress;
  • By developing and encouraging staff to form a team working environment that will act as a single whole group full of vitality and energy.
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