Manufacture and installation of all types steel structures

This service covers the complete range of production and installation of all types of steel constructions for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. At "AKTIVA" you will receive personalized service from specialized technical persons who will respond to your request, who will discuss for your needs and will defined and adapted an offer according to your needs within 24 hours. Production of steel structures is computer-controlled by applying the highest standards. Structural steel offers many advantages compared with conventional buildings of wood, timber or concrete such as: the highest degree of strength, fast design and installation, fire resistance and lower cost. With the economic and environmental asset, and numerous other reasons, it is easy to answer why to use steel constructions and to exclude other methods. In addition we present some of the advantages of steel.

  • The steel is a material with high quality and offers excellent aesthetic appearance
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Steel constructions are cheaper than any other methods of construction
  • Steel construction is the fastest way to build
  • Steel construction offers functionality, strength, durability and stability
  • Steel Construction promotes good design and safety
  • Steel buildings are resistant to temperature effects
  • Buildings with steel components are resistant to termites and other destructive insects.
  • Steel is fire resistant
  • Steel is a friend of the environment and in this sense can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of his qualities.

These benefits allow all parties involved in the building to be satisfied with the final product.

The satisfaction of our customers is a key priority and a motto that does lead the right way!

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