Covering, siding and sheet metal works with panel systems, profiled or plasticised sheets

This service covers all types of lining, facade and roof-plumbing work with panel systems, profiled or plasticised sheets.

At first we need to mention the benefits of sandwich panels which are shown as a universal material that is an essential element in building of economic and industrial facilities. Sandwich panels generally consist of two external sheaths tin (steel, aluminum, etc.) by merging the core through insulation sandwiched between them. The outer surface of the panel may be flat, slightly picked, or with a significant profile (for example, on roofs or external facade). Because of the high degree of isolation and positive technical features, their application in recent time increases, primarily due to:

  • Top acoustic performance through high levels of sound insulation
  • Thermal insulation and resistance to temperature fluctuations
  • Resistance to water and its absorption
  • Mechanical and chemical stability which increases the service life of the panel
  • Lightweight at facilitating the delivery and editing
  • Resistance to fire and ultraviolet radiation
  • Fast installation and the opportunity for horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Flexible design and a wide range of choice of colors
  • Aesthetic appeal.

The satisfaction of our customers is a key priority and a motto that does lead the right way!

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