Electrical installations and automation

Electrical installations are designed and performed in all residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Our company, with its extensive experience in this field, offers this professional service, according to the highest standards, and the same applies to all types of installations including:

  • Electric installations
  • Lightning installations
  • Telecommunications installations
  • Signal installations

Electric and lighting installations belong to the group of plants with high power, while telecommunications and signaling systems are low-power installations. Electrical installations are performed to ensure electricity supply to the consumer. Lighting installations are set to protect people and objects from the harmful effects of atmospheric electrical discharge. Telecommunication systems allow transmission of data, and appear in the following types: telephone installations, wiring for computer systems, wiring for internal television, public address system installations, video surveillance etc. In signaling systems are included wiring for electric bells, alarm systems, fire protection systems installations, intercoms, call installations for hotels and hospitals, installations for systems to protect against theft etc.

In the context of electrical installation, "AKTIVA" in its production program and has overall assortment of metal supports patch cables and additional elements for the performance needs of electrical installations.

The satisfaction of our customers is a key priority and a motto that does lead the right way!

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