Manufacture and installation of horizontal and vertical tanks and process equipment for technological needs in the industry

In its output AKTIVA manufactured in any size, horizontal and vertical tanks for commercial and industrial needs that are used to store fuel, water, granular materials and various chemicals. They are resistant to UV radiation with long-term use and represent a safe place for the deportation, without changing the taste and properties of substances which are stored in them.

According to customer request can be derived connections for water and waste, as well as cover for closing the contents of the tank. Tanks can be placed underground, buried in the ground or above ground on a flat surface. After use they are easy to clean it which allows multiple uses. Our activities cover consulting and service, planning and production of process technology equipment that is used in industry, in oil refineries, as well as installation of fuel storage and its manipulation.

The satisfaction of our customers is a key priority and a motto that does lead the right way!

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