Engineering services

"AKTIVA" L.T.D. Stip, as a top construction company and a serious business entity, has a respected modern-trained management and staff with the highest degree of competence, professionalism and integrity, quality engineering team and skilled employees with appropriate qualifications required for all phases of the work. Guided by sustainable development in construction industry, and tending to maintain the high position, AKTIVA offer all engineering services, with professional and creative application of scientific, mathematical, economic, social and practical knowledge in terms of design, supervision and performance of all types of buildings including machinery, systems and processes that enable top and unique solutions for our clients.

Justify the high position of constantly and continuously improving and upgrading the quality of production as a whole, primarily with the procurement of quality raw materials and more consistently through the installation of modern equipment and monitoring of world trends in this area.

The satisfaction of our customers is a key priority and a motto that does lead the right way!

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