We believe technology has important effects on business operations at Aktiva. No matter the size of the enterprise, technology has both tangible and intagible benefits that help us produce the results our customers demand. Technological infrastructure affects the culture, efficiency and relationships inside our business.



Company modern technology for cutting can provide Quality and cost optimization for client needs .We are equipped with cutting technology of plasma , laser and water jet for any kind of metal sheets ,tubes and profile fabrication.

  • Plasma cutting
  • Sheet Laser cutting CO2 and FIBER
  • Tube Laser cutting
  • CNC sawing, drilling, milling and tapping line
  • CNC solid sawing line



Bending capacity and technology can support different kind and sized products to be shaped with our large scope of bending and tool equipment.

Machining and Processing


In-house machining with equipment for milling and turning provides flexibility and opportunity to cover requirements on most demanding clients .

Sawing and Drilling


CNC Sawing lines for solid and open profiles services available  in-house



Company most valuable asset and expertise its our welding capacity with more than 200 certified professional welders that can cover welding of any kind metal components and parts.

Company have also invested in robotic lines and line welding equipment that can support any series of production.

Available services:

  • Manual welding
  • Robotic welding
  • Spot welding


• Tunnel Sandblasting
  W=1500mm H=700mm L =16 000mm
• Manual Sandblasting
 L=10 000 m H=5000mm W= 3500mm
• Wet Coating
• Manual Powder Coating
    Cabin Dimensions
    L=10 000m H=5000mm W= 3500mm
•KTL ( E-Coating Line)
    Part Dimension
    W=1200mm H=2000mm L = 3000mm