AKTIVA AUTOMOTIVE as a manufacturer of component parts, offers turnkey services in metal fabrication from design to complete assembly including coating services. Our broad range of metal fabrication equipment offers a wide range of capabilities for industries in automotive, electronics, medical and many others .
We are committed to producing an on-time, quality product at a competitive price. Whether large or small, all projects receive the same attention to provide the quality and service you expect from your metal fabrication supplier. We adjust according to your specific needs and struggle to give the support you need. Given the chance, we’d like to earn your business and look forward to bringing your vision to a reality.

This makes AKTIVA AUTOMOTIVE a unique industrial center as a “one stop shop” solution with reduced supply chain and logistics cost, improved quality control and more efficient production processes.

Metal Fabrication Services

• Sheet laser cutting
• Sheet plasma cutting
• Tube laser cutting
• Bending
• Milling
• Turning
• Sawing and Drilling
• Spot welding
• Punching
• Shearing
• Welding subasembly

Coating Services

• Tunnel sandblasting - W=1500mm H=700mm L =16 000mm
• Manual sandblasting - L=10 000mm H=5000mm W= 3500mm
• Wet coating
• Manual powder coating
    Cabin dimensions
    L=10 000mm H=5000mm W= 3500mm
•KTL ( E-Coating line)
    Part dimensions
    W=1200mm H=2000mm L = 3000mm


• Mild steel
• Stainless steel
• Aluminium